Mysterious diet which could be excellent for reducing weight!

Mysterious diet which could be excellent for reducing weight!

The problem of obesity has now taken a major form in India as well as in the world. People's habits of eating junk food, poor routine and lack of physical exercise are becoming a major reason for obesity. But now with time people are also becoming aware about it and are moving towards reducing weight. People are resorting to gymnasium, yoga, physical activities etc. for this. One such way to lose weight is 'Keto Diet'. Yes, you heard it right. The Keto diet is one of the best diet plans that has gained immense popularity in a short span of time when it comes to fat loss. So let us tell you everything about 'Keto Diet' today.

Keto Diet:

Keto Diet simply means a low carb diet that you can say like the Atkins diet. The whole idea behind this diet is to gain as much calories as possible from protein and fat compared to carbohydrates. The use and mention of this diet have been there for a long time and are most commonly used to control diabetes.

All carb restrictions are done to get access to the state of ketosis. A metabolic state in which your body uses the fat for fuel instead of carbs. To achieve this state this diet significantly reduces your carb intake which limits the body's supply of glucose; which is considered to be the main source of energy for cells.

Types of Keto Diets to Follow:

1. High Protein Ketogenic Diet: This diet is for someone high in protein intake. The ratio of this diet goes something like 35% protein, 5% carbs and 60% fat.

2. Standard Ketogenic Diet: This is an effective and most commonly used diet plan. It includes a very low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet. The ratio that it follows is 20% protein, 10% carbs and 70% fat.

3. Cyclic Ketogenic Diet: A unique diet that includes alternate days like 5 Ketogenic days and 2 high carb days.

4. Targeted Ketogenic Diet: This is another quality diet plan that allows you to add carbs around workouts.

What to Eat on a Keto Diet?

Eggs: One of the best sources of raw protein in the world. The eggs have made their way to this list due to their rich nutritional values. Each egg contains less than 1 gram of carbs and about 6 grams of protein which make them ideal for the Ketogenic diet.

Peppers: There are several varieties of peppers and all of them are appropriate for a ketogenic diet. The peppers like Jalapenos are used to make appetizers for this diet plan. The other peppers like bell peppers are stuffed to make low carb dishes. They are also considered to be a rich source of vitamin C.

Cheese: Cheese is one of the best Keto diet foods. There are various types of cheese and most of them are very low in carbs and high in fat which make them absolutely fit for the Keto diet.

Green Leafy Vegetables: They are very essential for Keto since green leafy veggies are extremely low in carbs and rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Risks Associated with Keto Diet:

  • Stress Out the Kidney
  • Constipation or Digestive Issues
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Weakening of Bones
  • Risk of Chronic Disease and Early Death

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