Important & Essential tips to keep in mind before going to any Gym or Fitness Centre!

Important & Essential tips to keep in mind before going to any Gym or Fitness Centre!

So, you’re thinking about joining a fitness center for some serious gym workouts? One main reason why serious bodybuilders join gyms is so they can move quickly from one machine to the next to work out with more intensity in less time. There is something called super-setting when you perform two or more exercises using opposing muscle groups back to back such as when, for example, you first do a bench press on the smith machine and then immediately work your pulling muscles on the seated rowing machine.

Crowded gyms, however, can be very frustrating and downright annoying particularly when super-setting. This situation may develop into an irritation that affects how hard you train, especially when your main objective should be to concentrate on performing each exercise with perfect form. It’s hard to give every rep and set everything you’ve got when gym etiquette dictates you let others share the machines while you take your time doing all your exercises back to back for three or four rounds.

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A few other Items of Gym Etiquette

  • If YOU are the one who needs to use a machine and someone else is using it, ask to share.
  • Learn how to use the machines properly. 
  • Put the weights back down. If you use a squat rack, remove all the plates and take down the bar. Put away all equipment nice and neatly in their proper place. If you’re finished using the leg press machine, set the pin down to the lowest poundage. Not everyone is as strong as you.
  • Keep a towel in your gym bag to wipe your sweat off the equipment after you’re finished using it.

  • Don’t be a chatterbox. Show up to lift and work your butt off.
  • Don’t give your free workout advice to others. Keep your expert experience to yourself unless someone asks.
  • Help spot other people on lifts whenever.
  • Don’t be offensive in smell or sound. Use deodorant. Don’t grunt too much and surely don’t use foul language.
  • Many gyms limit you to 30 minutes on the cardio machines. Honour that time limit (and towel your sweat off the equipment).

After obtaining a gym membership, and before you set foot inside, you should first familiarize yourself with simple gym etiquette and the basics of exercise so you seem to know what you are doing.  It would be perfect if you could find a gym that had enough equipment so that you could try different types of gym workouts.

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