Due To These Reasons You Are Not Losing Your Weight!

Due To These Reasons You Are Not Losing Your Weight!

The problem of obesity has now taken a major form in India as well as in the world. People's habits of eating junk food, poor routine and lack of physical exercise are becoming a major reason for obesity. But now with time people are also becoming aware about it and are moving towards reducing weight. People are resorting to gymnasium, yoga, physical activities etc. for this, but even after this, many people do not get success in losing weight or they do not get as much as they want. So, today in this article, we will tell you about such reasons due to which it becomes a bit difficult to reduce your weight.

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1. Lack of physical exercises

The most common misconception about fat loss is that you need to do cardio to lose weight. Cardiovascular training for burning fat is inefficient. It is not necessary to go to the gym to achieve the desired result. The best alternative can be running or outdoor activities. 

2.Surplus Calorie intake 

The problem is that our body does not perceive drinks as food, and therefore we don’t feel the power from calories in those drinks. The calorific value of a bottle of soda is the same as the calorific value of 100 grams of fried chicken (about 210 calories), and it is important to keep this in mind. 

3.Taking stress

Constant stresses will definitely affect your general condition. And they will also affect your weight, and not for the better. There are at least two problems which lead to weight gain: the first is stressful (compulsive) overeating, and the second (more serious) is a hormonal imbalance as a result of stress overloads, which can lead to the fact that you will not be able to lose weight without the help of a specialist. So try to be less nervous, sleep more and find a little time for a relaxing bath in the middle of a working week.

4.Consuming low amount of good fats

We all know that not all fats are bad, there are some fats which are good for the body. Good fats, which should be included in nutrition in sufficient quantities. You can get them from fish, nuts, avocados etc. 

5.Inappropriate timing of meals

In fact, your body is smarter than you may think. And you shouldn’t deprive yourself of meals. Mealtime, besides its quality and quantity, is also very important for our health. Irregular meals hinder weight control and lead to metabolic disorders. And metabolic dysfunction, in turn, will lead to the fact that the calories will no longer turn into energy, but will begin to store in the form of fat.

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