Due to these reasons, People avoid going to the gym

Due to these reasons, People avoid going to the gym

It seems that everyone is a member of a gym but the percentage of the people who do join a gym and go on a regular basis is quite low. A lot of people pay to join the gym, they also pay additional money every single month but When you don't take full advantage of the gym and only bother turning up once every three weeks a lot of money has been wasted. There is a very high percentage of people who actually do this. They convince themselves that they are going to improve their fitness levels and get the body they have always dreamt about but only to give up after a few weeks of joining the gym.

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There are many reasons (excuses) that people say for not been able to go to the gym such as too tired, too busy, something is on the box (television) that they want to see and they will go tomorrow (but don't bother going the following day), no one to train with and so on. 

Having a few weight loss buddies can also help. If there is someone who is in the same boat as yourself and they want to get back into shape then you can motivate each other or if this person was meeting you down the gym there's a much greater chance that you are going to turn up because someone is relying on you to be there. So if you are thinking about joining a gym just ask yourself are you going to keep that promise you made to yourself about you going to try your best to get in top physical condition or are you going to go to the gym until you get bored and give up on the new fitness regime after a few weeks or even a few months.

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The second option then l would strongly recommend taking the alternative method to getting yourself in a healthier condition because you will save yourself a lot of money from that monthly membership that you don't use. The alternative method is getting fit by going jogging every other morning. This way you be burning of those calories and the only money you have to invest is for a decent pair of trainers (sneakers) or you could invest your money in same weights so you can have a workout in the comfort of your own home this will work out a lot cheaper in the long run than paying gym membership.

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