BCAA Vs. EAAs: After all, which one has so much power, which of the two will give you the right and more amino acids?

BCAA Vs. EAAs: After all, which one has so much power, which of the two will give you the right and more amino acids?

BCAA has been a very popular supplement for quite some time now. But recently the demand for essential amino acids has increased rapidly in the world. Meanwhile, now a situation of contradiction has arisen in fitness freaks regarding these two. BCAAs proponents say that the holy trinity of branched-chain amino acids is the secret to gains, while EAAs proponents argue that it is better to consume all nine essential amino acids. So, let us first tell you what are BCAAs and EAAs and what is the difference between them?

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- What is EAA (Essential Amino Acid)?

Nine amino acids make up the essential amino acids (EAAs), which are involved in many physiological processes. Leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, methionine, threonine, histidine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine are all present. It is a substance that helps in increasing the strength and stamina of a person. The following are the main benefits of using EAAs supplements:

*Increased muscle protein synthesis is one of the major benefits of EAAs as it contains all the essential amino acids for this process.

* Since it contains amino acids like leucine and lysine which are beneficial in maintaining the balance of the endocrine system, it is also helpful in giving hormonal balance to the body.

- What is BCAA?

Actually, the full form of BCAA is branched chain amino acid. There are two types of amino acids, first – essential amino acids and second – non-essential amino acids. Essential amino acid means that your body does not make itself and we have to give it to us through food or we have to take it through supplements. Non essential amino acid which our body makes itself, if we are not able to get amino acid from our food, then we have to give this amino acid in our body through supplement.

* BCAAs supplementation may help reduce levels of muscle fatigue. They can exercise more if they take BCAA supplements before their workout.

* One of the major benefits of BCAAs is muscle recovery and joint recovery. They are also very effective in reducing muscle pain.

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- What is the difference between BCAA and EAA?

*EAAs make up all essential amino acids, BCAAs have aliphatic side-chains, in the middle of which a carbon atom is attached to three or more carbon atoms.

*EAAs are less effective than BCAAs at preventing muscle fatigue.

* EAAs have a total of 9 amino acids, compared to 3 amino acids for BCAAs.

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