Are You A Beginner! Then This Isotonic Powder Drink Is Made For You.

Are You A Beginner! Then This Isotonic Powder Drink Is Made For You.

When you look at the term ‘isotonic', it can be broken down to ‘Iso' and ‘Tonic'.  Iso comes from Greek terminology meaning equal. Tonic refers to pressure. Putting the two words together creates the word isotonic. Isotonic drinks are preferred by fitness freaks, athletes & many people for several reasons. These reasons include replacement of water, vitamins and electrolytes, increased energy and even replenishment for dehydration. Fitness freaks and athletes often feel they have a better performance when drinking this instead of water.

In this article, today I am going to tell you about the best selling product of Beyond Fitness BCAA & Taurine Isotonic Powder- 500 gm, which contains 247.5 mg of BCAA, Taurine, and L-Glutamine which will helps you during your intense workout or your sport and also provides tremendous energy.

Isotonic drinks are preferred by athletes because they contain additional nutrients the body needs when working out. When a body gets a big workout from running or playing a sport, it loses sodium and carbohydrates that are needed for energy to maintain the endurance it needs for a top performance. 

Isotonic drinks also replenish dehydration. Dehydration is responsible for impairing someone's sporting performance drastically. When you drink more than just water but a drink that includes sodium and carbohydrates then you truly rehydrate the body properly. These types of drinks are far more effective than just drinking water. You can try Beyond Fitness Gym Typhoon Shaker Bottle 400 ML with Mixer for Beyond Fitness BCAA & Taurine Isotonic Powder- 500 gm.

Isotonic drinks are very good for the body and they can help anyone make it through an intense workout or through a competitive sporting event. These drinks replenish the body with the needed sodium it needs so it can have the endurance to make it through an event. They provide replenishment to rehydrate and increase the body's energy too. You can read our more articles on

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